Why We Should Continue Assessing Patient Safety and Nurse Staffing in Portland, OR

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Florence Nightingale had several famous quotes, but there’s one that has been well-known for centuries. She said, “For the sick, it is important to have the best.” What does this mean? Well, the best care should be provided for all patients with only the best nurses, which means the nurses have received top training and there is top staffing. A Portland medical staffing agency also explains it as patient safety and nurse staffing. The nursing profession has grown because of the above, excellent skills, continuing and advanced education, and satisfactory orientation and training.

What about the roles of nurses and patient safety?

The role of a nurse is to care for their patients, ensure the patient’s safety, and help patients feel better. There is a long list of safety concerns from patients, though. Safety concerns range from infections, falls, poor communication, needle sticks, medication errors, and incomplete handoffs. The biggest concern is nurse staffing in Portland, OR. Many nurses simply do not have enough time and hands to care for their patients efficiently. For a nurse to give their patients the best care, you need the correct care delivery systems, nurse staffing patterns, work schedules, inter professional teams, and nurse-patient ratios.

What about the reasons that have influenced care outcomes?

The reasons range from the shift length, the staff mix, the patient acuity (the intensity of nursing care required by the patient), to environmental, administrative, and financial. More states are looking at the use of nurse to patient ratios and requiring bills and legislation for them, which involves restriction of overtime hours, staffing plans, and minimum staffing levels for healthcare employees.

It’s not just a numbers game.

In order to implement great care to patients, nurses must be able to work in a safe environment, which includes the correct amount of staff. Several healthcare experts build up the nurse to patient ratio system while others have yet to support it. Many factors such as changing RN roles to switching patient populations to restructuring the care delivery systems and hospitals will affect nurse staffing and patient safety.

Healthcare agencies in Portland explain that nurse staffing and patient care matters. To provide the best possible care, nurses need to have great staffing, education, skills, competence, and compassion while working in a safe environment for both nurses and patients.

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