Why Brand it Blue is so Important to Provider of Nurse Jobs in Portland, OR

Portland, Ore. — Leading supplier of nurse jobs in Portland, OR put many to work on a daily basis in the healthcare industry – but they also have the community in mind as they set their sights on community service for the Brand it Blue initiative. For over 3 decades Express has been partnering with an array of nonprofit organizations in an effort to give back to their local communities and strengthen their bond with the people they work to serve every day. The Brand it Blue initiative is near and dear to those in the Express community for many reasons.

1. Helping Those in Need
The opportunity to take time out of our busy schedule to help those in need is often overlooked but so greatly appreciated. Opposed to some organizations who only focus on charity during the Holidays, for the last four years, Express and Brand It Blue has managed to provide almost 600,000 meals to those in need. However, Brand It Blue does not just cooperate with local food banks and cases of hunger. This top provider of CNA jobs in Portland, OR delves into all kinds of charities such as homeless shelters and various social programs that encourage the overall development of the community itself.

2. Improving Education
Some opportunities in the past have presented themselves in the way of providers of nurse jobs in Roseburg, OR helping build a better education system in their community by contributing to schools, after school programs, and tutoring programs. Franchise offices are passionate about a variety of causes, but helping the education system is a great way to improve so many facets of life in the community that improve it as a whole.

3. Developing a Trusted Reputation
Brand it Blue is a year-long, expanded philanthropic effort that has a wide reach. Suppliers of CNA jobs in Roseburg, OR want to make memories, to make a difference, to change lives, and to give people hope. This staffing agency stresses creating hope in their community though example. Brand It Blue is just one way Express can further develop their relationship with those who they put to work every day.

Manager, Julie Tate, understands the importance of becoming a staple in the community through not only providing top notch and reliable Nurse Jobs in Salem, OR but also through service. “The Brand It Blue Initiative is a unique event that allows the entire Express family to come together in the fight against hunger in the communities where we work and live.”

If you would like to help positively change your community visiting the office is a great way to get caught up on all that Express is working on within the community. The Express Healthcare Portland office is located at 7401 SW Washo Ct #101, Tualatin, OR 97062. Volunteers and local businesses can stop by the office, call (503) 612-1550, or visit online at www.ExpressHealthcareNW.com to learn how to get involved.