Portland Healthcare Staffing Shares the Do’s and Don’ts When Handling Conflict

What is conflict?

Conflict is when two viewpoints cannot come together. In any business, there is conflict at some point. Unfortunately, conflict cannot be avoided because it will happen frequently and usually end with some sort of resolve. Any person with CNA jobs in Portland will make it a point to avoid conflict at all cost. Here are a few tips to avoid conflict while on the job.


Avoid. You want to try not avoiding the conflict at all, but sometimes you feel as though you may need to. Nurses will usually avoid when the other party will not cooperate, refuses to believe there is an issue, or when there is no way to resolve the issue. The downside to using an avoidance method is that it’s high stress on nurses and other healthcare staff members. Lack of communication then becomes a big problem with coworkers and the outcome for patients lowers.

Confront. You may feel as though you need to confront someone, but this isn’t always the best answer to conflict. Everyone’s emotions are at a high. You may think you’re trying to help the situation, but you can come off as not respecting the other party’s point of view.


Compromise. When you negotiate, you settle on a mutual resolution. Both parties get something out of it and both give something up. Both sides will win and lose, but the issue is resolved.

Collaborate. You can come together with staff members and solve a problem together. Collaborating is a great way to handle conflict explains one of the leading healthcare agencies in Portland, OR. In this case, everyone wins. Any differences are brought together while both parties are trying to evaluate and find a solution to the problem resulting in the best outcome. Having a high emotional intelligence and self-concepts will help you collaborate well with your coworkers.

Accommodate. If you do what the other person wants you to do, you’re accommodating them. At this point, you are willing to listen and accept the terms without resistance.

The important thing about handling conflict is that you are doing what is best for everyone overall. You’re watching out for the working environment and patients. Conflict will always be a part of any job within Portland healthcare staffing. It’s up to you on how you react and handle it.

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