Overview of Nurse Staffing Agencies in Portland, OR

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In order for a health facility to offer the best services to its patients, it should recruit the best healthcare providers. This is quite a huge burden for the health facilities to meet effectively given their tight schedules and overload of work. Most of them opt to get staffs from the various nurse staffing firms in Portland,OR to fill the vacancies in their health facilities. One such nursing agency in the Oregon area is the Express Healthcare Professionals. It started its operations back in 2013 and has of late emerged as one of the top healthcare staffing agencies in Oregon offering contract and Per Diem CAN II’s, LPN’s and RN’s.

What makes it the top?

The team making up the Express Health Professionals has a combined experience of over 75 years in looking up the credentials and placing clinical staff who are competent in their field. The clinical staffs become instrumental in offering support to various hospitals, treatment centers, long term care facilities and clinics. The competent staffs offer their services in various options like on contractual, Per Diem basis and direct hire.

Express Health Professionals provides competent staff in a number of areas in the medical sector. It provides successful recruits for CAN Sitter, CAN, CAN II, medical assistants and LPN. It also provides staffing solutions in the positions of surgical technicians, medical assistant, respiratory therapy and certified sterile processing technician.

The nursing agency has a Gold Seal of Approval that is a proof that it has already passed the Joint Commission process. This is the seal that shows clients, hospitals and the competition that the agency is legitimate and certified. The Joint Commission, which sets the standards of how agencies conduct themselves, usually pays the staffing agency unannounced visits twice every year.

How does Express Health Professionals Staffing Agency work?

Of the nurse staffing firms, Express Healthcare Professionals usually offers job seekers in the health sector a chance to get their dream jobs or even better jobs within the industry. The job seekers are usually verified to ensure that they are as qualified as their credentials say about them. The qualified people are then kept in a database and are offered jobs immediately an opportunity that matches their credentials emerges. The agency is also contracted by various healthcare facilities to recruit qualified staff on their behalf. The healthcare providers inform the agency about the kind of employees it is looking for and Express Healthcare Professionals strives to get such candidates.

The Hiring Process

This nursing agency assists clinicians from all over Oregon to find jobs through all the job openings that it receives from its clients. The clients are mainly clinics, local hospitals and other various healthcare facilities. A job seeker ought to submit their application in person or online stating clearly all their details including references. After the application is submitted, one of the recruiting team member is notified and they reach out to the job applicant. The applicant has their background check done before completing a competency exam that they ought to score above 80%. Job placement comes after completing all these processes successfully and a job opportunity that requires your kind of skills and experience level opens up. This is the reason why Express Healthcare Professionals ranks highly among the nurse staffing firms in Portland, OR.

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