One of the Top Portland Healthcare Agencies Explains How to Maintain Professionalism Online and Dodge Social Media Pitfalls

You’ve worked so hard and studied in school for so long to get that nursing degree. Would you put that in jeopardy with social media posts? Unfortunately, some nurses do put their degree and job in jeopardy, which ultimately leads to disciplinary action by their employer. If you decide to have social media, you still want to be professional online. A provider of healthcare staffing in Portland, OR, shares what you should and shouldn’t do while online.

Before you ever post anything on social media, you need to think before you speak. Once you post something, even if you delete it, it can be out on the internet forever. You are a representation of the place you work for, not only your name. There are some good rules to follow when you are online, though.

  1. Be aware of social media policies.

You need to make sure that you know your employer’s policies regarding social media. Most employers have a piece of paper that you must sign regarding talking about colleagues, patients, and the business itself on any social media platforms. Regardless of whether you work on the acute, ambulatory, or business administration sides, you must avoid posting things on social media that are work-related, such as patient information as it can violate HIPPA laws.

  1. Follow some professional guidelines.

The best way to avoid social media pitfalls is to stay professional on your social media platforms. You should be polite in every online interaction that you have. You should also stay positive and ethical when having conversations with other people. Do not be careless about the comments that you make. You may mean well or think that you’re just venting, but it can become an issue later. The best way to avoid any pitfalls is to not post anything associated with your job online.

You can write down these 3 reminders to help you remember before you start posting online. You should think before tweet or write a status, consider before chatting someone, and ponder before you click the post or send button. If you follow these tips, Portland healthcare agencies explain that you’ll avoid a social media downfall that could cost you your job.

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