5 Tips to Prep for Your Interview in the Medical Field

RN Positions in Portland, OR

Entering the medical profession generally requires several years of extensive education. But now it’s time to interview for a position you’ve worked so hard to attain. During the interview, you must project a professional demeanor and show potential employers how well you know your stuff. So how do you prepare? A healthcare employment agency in Tualatin, OR is sharing its top 5 tips for prepping for an interview in the medical field! 

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One of the Top Healthcare Agencies in Portland, OR Discusses the Impact That Home Care Nursing Shortage Has on Patients

Travel Nursing Company in Portland, OR

A nursing shortage is usually referred to in a hospital setting, but lately, the shortage has been felt in-home care nursing as well. It has been especially felt by families who have kids with complex medical needs. Rural areas are experiencing a shortage more than other areas. Some of the factors that contribute to the shortage in-home care nursing are significant pay disparities from home care and hospital nursing jobs, lack of socialization with colleagues with home care nursing, overall shortage of nurses, and complex pediatric patients needing to go to the hospital often, which leave the nurse short on hours and income. One of the providers of healthcare staffing in Portland wants to discuss key points of how it’s impacting patients.

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Express Healthcare Professionals Is One of the Leading Nurse Staffing Firms in Oregon

The healthcare industry in the United States is now one of the most booming sectors with each and every hospital, treatment center, and clinic requiring all types of healthcare staffing requirements and increasing day by day. Express Healthcare is well-known in nurse staffing agencies with providing various types of healthcare staffing. They have more than 75 years of experience in providing the best talented clinical workers to all the healthcare organizations after thoroughly checking all the credentials of those candidates. Being one of the top nurse staffing agencies in Oregon, it is always important to be ready to help all types of healthcare organizations find the appropriate patient-oriented workers throughout the country. They always deliver top-notch workers to healthcare organizations and have always shown a high level of professionalism so that healthcare organizations get benefited from their dedicated services.

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