How to Be a Team Player in the Field of Nursing

Being a team player is important for success in just about any field, but when it comes to nursing, it’s critical. A solid nursing unit can make a difference in not only the workplace itself but also in the lives of their patients. If you want to learn how to be a team player in the field of nursing, find out below: Continue reading

Express Healthcare Professionals receives The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

We are proud to announce that Express Healthcare Professionals received The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval!

This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering a higher standard of expertise and service both to the communities we serve and to you, the licensed professional.

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Health Care Professionals: Recognize the Early Signs of Stress and Prevent Burnout

Stress is our bodies’ normal reaction to difficulty, change, or demand. Many of us have become dependent on a unique recipe for coping with stress, mostly because it has worked well for us in the past. However, witnessing or caretaking through a long-term traumatic event can leave an undeniable impact. This impact requires that we learn new techniques for ensuring our psychological and physical well being.

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A Leading Nursing Staffing Agency in Portland Provides Information on Staying Healthy in the Summer

Summer is finally here, and since a change in season often calls for a change in routine, you may want to consider changing certain aspects of your diet and exercise in order to remain healthy. The onset of warmer weather can also make people more vulnerable to other types of diseases, so it’s important to stay safe. Use these tips from a nurse staffing agency in Portland, OR to make sure you have a healthy summer.

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One of the Top Portland Healthcare Agencies Explains How to Maintain Professionalism Online and Dodge Social Media Pitfalls

You’ve worked so hard and studied in school for so long to get that nursing degree. Would you put that in jeopardy with social media posts? Unfortunately, some nurses do put their degree and job in jeopardy, which ultimately leads to disciplinary action by their employer. If you decide to have social media, you still want to be professional online. A provider of healthcare staffing in Portland, OR, shares what you should and shouldn’t do while online.

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One of the Top Healthcare Agencies in Portland, OR Discusses the Impact That Home Care Nursing Shortage Has on Patients

Travel Nursing Company in Portland, OR

A nursing shortage is usually referred to in a hospital setting, but lately, the shortage has been felt in-home care nursing as well. It has been especially felt by families who have kids with complex medical needs. Rural areas are experiencing a shortage more than other areas. Some of the factors that contribute to the shortage in-home care nursing are significant pay disparities from home care and hospital nursing jobs, lack of socialization with colleagues with home care nursing, overall shortage of nurses, and complex pediatric patients needing to go to the hospital often, which leave the nurse short on hours and income. One of the providers of healthcare staffing in Portland wants to discuss key points of how it’s impacting patients.

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One of the Best Healthcare Agencies in Portland Explains How Nurses Must Understand Veteran Patients

healthcare agencies in portland oregon
At some point being a nurse, you will have a patient who is a veteran, who are men and women from 18-80 years old that have served our country. Many of these patients have special healthcare needs, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), old injuries, prosthetics, and more. So, what can nurses do to help better understand veteran patients? A leading provider of Portland healthcare staffing explains how.

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One of the Top Portland Healthcare Agencies Shares What Nurses Should Know about Pressure Injuries

Nursing practices can change frequently, so it can be a challenge for a nurse to stay updated. Wound care updates can be very hard to stay current with from new treatments, new products, to the best medical practices for several wound types. Pressure injuries can happen in all sorts of environments such as acute care, home health, and long-term care. CNA staffing agencies in Portland want to share what nurses should know about pressure injuries.

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Why We Should Continue Assessing Patient Safety and Nurse Staffing in Portland, OR

Nurse Staffing Agency in Portland, OR

Florence Nightingale had several famous quotes, but there’s one that has been well-known for centuries. She said, “For the sick, it is important to have the best.” What does this mean? Well, the best care should be provided for all patients with only the best nurses, which means the nurses have received top training and there is top staffing. A Portland medical staffing agency also explains it as patient safety and nurse staffing. The nursing profession has grown because of the above, excellent skills, continuing and advanced education, and satisfactory orientation and training.

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A Nurse Staffing Agency in Portland, OR Explains How It’s Okay to Make Self-Care A Priority

A nurse’s job can affect their health in many ways from burnout, fatigue, and stress. Exhaustion that comes with the job can be mental, physical, and emotional. These things don’t have to come with the territory though. It’s important to make self-care a top priority as sleeping habits and nutrition can impact your life at work and home. One of the leading CNA staffing agencies in Portland shares how to make self-care a top priority.

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